This Is What Happens When A City Slicker Gives Farm Life A Go

We Sent Our Own Lucinda Out To TAFE NSW To Try Her Hand At Agriculture

When you think ‘study’, images of chopping up trees with chainsaws and shearing sheep aren’t typically what comes to mind. But that’s exactly what we discovered when we sent our own we sent our own Lucinda along to the TAFE NSW agriculture campus.

As it turns out, growing up on a farm isn’t the only way to become an expert on all things agriculture. And who doesn’t love the idea of living a life on the land? In my head, it goes something like finally becoming the morning person I’ve always wanted to be, riding majestically around the farm on the horse I’ll finally be comfortable riding, and heading up to the shed with my fellow workers for a delicious smoko of biccies and sangas.

Yes, having seen first hand how hard the work can be from my own family, I am fully aware this isn’t quite accurate, but still, can’t fault a job that gets you outside and guarantees every day is going to be different from the last, amiright?

Anyway, have a squiz what it takes for yourself: