Online Job Listings Are Multiplying And Getting Plusher, Says New Report

SEEK Reports More Jobs & A Higher Average Salary Over The Past Year

In very good news for anyone looking to enter the workforce or thinking of a career change, a new report by SEEK says that both job ads and the average salary advertised along with them were on the up in 2018.

From the full calendar year of 2017 to 2018, new jobs ads being published across all industries on the site increased by 8.6%. Over these job ads, the average advertised salary went up by 3.9%, which can only ever be good news for people in the job market.

Which areas saw particular growth in jobs? ICT and Healthcare and Medical both grew in the number of jobs on offer by 12% since the year before. The Trades and Services industry was up by a fairly large 14% nationally, and by double-digits in all states besides New South Wales. But Mining, Resource, and Energy areas were the true growth winners, with a hefty 32% increase in jobs being advertised.

Kendra Banks, Managing Director at SEEK ANZ believes while the growth alone is exciting, the fact that it’s from a range of areas is particularly encouraging:

…growth in the employment market has come from a diverse range of industries. There is demand for candidates that can carry out highly technical roles, to those who can support the frontline service needs of our population such as in healthcare roles“.

The many technology roles being advertised across the ICT sector shows an interesting change in wanted skills, according to Banks. “This reflects the demand for people in our labour market that can ‘work on and with technology and AI’...

However, she says the “demand for service sector roles advertised in the Healthcare & Medical” also demonstrates an increasing demand for people who can fill “those roles where technology and AI is less prevalent, such as high-touch variable roles such as nursing and aged care.