7 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia, If You’re In It For The Cash

Highest Paying Jobs

Some of us are in it for the love, but some of us are all about that green. If you can combine both, of course, that would be the damn dream. Luckily for the latter two groups, Seek always lets us in on their annual salary reports so we can see the top 20 highest paying jobs and plan out our working lives accordingly.

According to this report, these are the highest paying jobs in Australia this year:

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7 Highest Paying Jobs In Australia:

1. Architects

But not just any type of architect. You’re going to need to get yourself a job in the Information & Communication Technology industry to take out the highest paying job spot, or in fact make it into the list at all. But if you do manage it, you’re looking at a tidy $138,144 yearly salary

2. Management

You managerial types are in for a damn good time, having quite a few different industries to get involved in and still be paid handsomely for your efforts. Taking out 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot are management roles in the Engineering, Information & Communication Technology and Mining, Resources & Energy industries, in that order.

Not your jam? Construction and Insurance & Superannuation will see you at 8th and 10th on the list respectively. Overall, you’re looking at a salary from $133,927 to $124,432, so basically you’re laughing mate.

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3. Law Professionals

I’m not sure there’ll ever be a time law doesn’t make it pretty high on the list. General, In-house law comes it and number 5 and $128,988 big ones a year. Further down the list we have Construction Law at $124,041 a year , then Corporate & Commercial Law and Tax Law taking out 19 and 20 with salaries of $118,558 and $118,212.

4. Accounting

Strategy & Planning workers as well as Financial Managers & Controllers are doing very well for themselves, coming in at numbers 6 and 7. You’re looking at an annual salary of $128,373 and $126,906 in these roles within the accounting industry, definitely nothing to scoff at.

5. Other Management Types

I’ve lumped these all in together because we GET it, management is where the big bucks are at. For example we have Project Management in the Construction industry at number 9 with $124,603 a year, or in Engineering at $120,752 and numero 15. There’s Management & Change Consulting roles in the Consulting & Strategy industry. I literally have no idea what that industry is but it ranks at 14 with $121,232 a year.

Product Management & Development and Programme & Project Management in the Information & Communication Technology industry come in at 16 and 17, even Team Leader in the same industry is only just behind them with a salary of $119,078 a year and a ranking of 18.

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6. Security

Clearly it’s a good year to be a tech person, because we’re ending the list with a Security in this burgeoning industry. It hits at number 12 with a yearly salary of $122,753.