A Round Up Of Weird Stuff You Can Throw Your Money At On The Stock Market

The Strangest Companies You Can Invest In On The Stock MArket

Hi mates, it’s me again to share some more super deep and important insights into the world of money. I don’t know about you, but when I think ‘stock market’ – a thing that admittedly does not happen often – I think adult stuff. Like I don’t know, newspapers and project management and such. But when I delved, I found there were much more fun products to put your shares behind, tbh mostly of the ‘OTHER’ type of adult stuff.

Please note, this is absolutely not a comment on whether you’ll ever make any money if you invest in these companies, I have no clue. I’m simply pointing out that these are things you could, as a member of the public, buy stocks in.


Yep, thank you Canada and your marijuana legalisation, because now we can spend our hard earned dollarydoos on a few different pot companies. In fact, why not go straight to the top? Canada’s largest weed producers, Aurora Cannabis, is going public on the New York Stock Exchange this week, joining a bunch of others including Tilray and Cronos.

World Wrestling Entertainment

Yes kids, you can buy actual shares for the WWE. This wasn’t ever a ‘thing’ for me, but plenty of the guys I went to high school with used to try out their moves on each other. Not well, or impressively, I went to school with a bunch of sometimes loveable idiots, but I digress. I also saw the Mexican version in Mexico City and it was a damn good time for $5. So yeah I’d probably spend $5 on WWE, if that’s a thing you can do.

Shipwreck Exploration

I mean COME ON, this is COOL. You could pretend you were in Titanic, as in the bunch of science people in the movie, not the people actually on the Titanic. The company is called Odyssey Marine Exploration, and it sells off the goodies it finds in the wrecks. Buried treasure anyone?

Female Condoms

Ok, this isn’t funny or weird, because yay sexual health and taking matters into your own hands! But public and aptly named business, Female Health Company, is devoted purely to the female condom and I’m just really surprised that there was even enough demand for this particular contraception to warrant a whole company?


What is more joyous than those big colourful balloons? Nothing I tell you. So imo investing in a company like CTI Industries who manufacture foil and latex balloons in over 30 countries is basically investing in joy. Solid logic, I won’t hear otherwise.

Errr, Adult Stuff

‘Caberet’ of the more gentleman’s club type, lingerie wrestling, straight up pornography? Yep, you can invest your sweet dollars into all of that. Your only issue will be narrowing down which company.