Finally With Some Good News, Advertised Salaries Are Higher RN Than This Time Last Year

Salary - Office Space

We all deserve some good news in the workspace, and the latest comes courtesy of the latest data from SEEK which has found that currently advertised positions on the platform have an average advertised salary that is 1.7% higher than this time last year.

In particular, Queensland and South Australia really went above and beyond to increase that national average, with a 2% and 3.8% increase respectively.

Love this for us.

Is it ALL good news? No, of course not, but I wanted you to start on a high – you’re welcome. The downside is that the number of ads, year on year, is down by 6.5%. This, of course, makes landing one of those higher salaries THAT much harder – but let’s just focus on how good it’d be if you did.

“Whilst year on year job ads for January 2020 were down, we are seeing positive month on month growth, pointing to a potential improvement in the job market,” Managing Director of SEEK ANZ, Kendra Banks, said in a statement.

In further news, the industries currently showing the highest amount of job ad growth are Community Services & Development with a 15.7% increase and Education & Training with a 6.5% increase. So life is probably sweet if these are your calling.

“Since midway through last year, opportunities for job seekers remain available across Aged & Disability Support, Community Development, Management and Child Welfare and Youth & Family Services,” explains Kendra.

In terms of salary growth, Insurance & Superannuation with its 6.5% increase, Hospitality & Tourism with a 4.0% increase, Banking & Financial Services and Trades & Services both with a 3.7% increase, are where it’s at.