Limited Edition 3.1L Vodka Cruiser Bottles Are Coming In Hot & May God Have Mercy On Us All

limited edition vodka cruiser magnums 3.1L bottles

Prepare your mind, body and spirit because a new range of limited edition Vodka Cruisers is coming in hot. Not a new flavour but a new size. Yep, the OG hoon juice is going large for its 21st birthday with a very special run of big-ass magnum bottles at select bars across the country.

Fuck me, a magnum of voddy Cruiser. That’s quite honestly an incredible amount of liquid ratbag fuel. To be precise, it’s 3.1 litres of the deliciously sweet beveragino aka nearly 11 bottles of the yummy go-go juice.

The limited-edition Cruiser bottles are landing in multiple bars and pubs around the country — notably Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide (and Glenelg) and Cairns. 21 very lucky punters (and their respective mates/group chats) will win the opportunity to bend the elbow for a couple of hours with these fuck-off massive bottles.

vodka cruiser magnum limited edition
Forget the glass just give me a really long crazy straw. [Image: Supplied]
Bit of glassware involved in these bad boys, I tell ya what. Imagine rocking up to the pub and you get literal bottle service with a monster offering of three-point-one litres of Vodka Cruiser. I’d simply cease to exist — both from excitement and the immense sugar rush immediately after necking a few glasses.

The question you’re all probably thinking is: well what flavours do these lordge lads come in, Courtney? My friends, you’re absolutely in luck because it’s all the best flavs. No Mudshakes here whatsoever (but just sit with the thought of three litres of milky vodka for a minute though).

The magnum Cruiser bottles will be available in the fan faves of Wild Raspberry, Juicy Watermelon and the king of all flavs: Lush Guava.

Toddle on over to the Vodka Cruiser Facebook page to chuck your hat in the ring to try and score yourself a sesh on the sweet sauce. Maybe get ready to suddenly find yourself with a few new pals trying to weasel their way into best friend status, too.