These Absolute Maniacs Just Invented The Utey, The Shoey’s Even More Filthy Cousin


If you’re an Australian, you’ve either done a shoey or been in the presence of someone doing a shoey. It’s a fact of life – Aussies love to drink beer out of things you really, really shouldn’t drink beer from. But have you ever been in the presence of a utey?

Yep, that’s drinking your frothie off the back of a ute. Not like, while sitting in a ute – literally having it poured down the ute, kind of like a bogan beer bong without the funnel.

TikTok users Adrian Alaberg and Captain Australia posted their attempt at a utey the other day, which as far as my googling tells me they invented – and the vid has already scored 32k likes and counting because… Well, look.

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To recap, the guys poured copious cans of VB into this VB bucket:

I desperately want that VB bucket, by the way – look at it. Victoria Bitter, where can I buy this:


Captain Australia (I think his name is Adma but I’m really enjoying writing “Captain Australia” here) poured the beer down the ute tray, which was up a driveway for max gravity flow, into the mouth of Adrian who was in the bottom corner, mouth open and prob not realising he was about to get a gobful of beer AND ute tray debris. Nice.


Mate. No amount of Pine O Cleen is gonna cleanse that ute tray enough for a utey IMO, but hey – we drink beer out of sweaty footwear. It’s the Australian way.

Maybe don’t try this at home, tho.