Al Perkins Got A Fungal Infection In His Throat After Doing A Shoey & This Is Why They’re Nasty

If you’re in the mood for vomiting, I have excellent news! Turns out the humble shoey, the foundation of Australian culture and the spiciest way to drink beer, isn’t actually that good for you. Who woulda thought? Married At First Sight star Al Perkins, of course, who found out the hard way that skulling booze from your festy shoe is bad for you after doing it for an entire season of MAFS.

The reality star / shoey enthusiast is the bestower of this shocking news, revealing that he developed a fungal infection after doing a shoey from a person with warts on their foot.

No. NO.

Al told the story to Yahoo, where he recounted the incident that changed him (and his throat) forever.

“I remember one time I did a shoey, someone gave me their shoe and I did it, and I gave them back their shoe and they were like, ‘Oh, I’ve got warts on my foot’,” he detailed.

Oh. My. GOD. BRB, vomming in my mouth.

“I swear after that my throat hasn’t been the same,” he said.

Look, I’m someone who loves a bitta gross news. Icky news. uGHHh news. But this has just sent me.

Despite the whole fungal infections/warts in his throat thing, Al still says that he isn’t letting his love for shoeys die anytime soon, describing them as “very liberating”.

“I’m not sick of shoeys just yet,” he said. “It gets the group going and it uplifts the mood. I’ve never denied a shoey, I’ll always keep doing them.”

Praise be to our shoey king!

“I’m at the stage now, it’s been like over 12 months since our season aired and [people] forget my name, they forget everything about me, but all they remember is the shoey part. I’m just going to ride it out for as long as it lasts.”

MAFS seasons may come and go, but shoeys are forever, I guess.