If there’s anything that’ll warm your cold, frostbitten heart in the depths of winter, it’s either a brothy ramen soup or a nip of a neat whisky. Lucky for Sydneysiders, you’ll be able to do both of those at the same time next month in Forest Lodge in the inner west.

Nestled in the fancy hustle and bustle of the Tramsheds, soup lords Osaka Trading Co. will be turning the existing ‘Artisan Lane’ into a full-blown noodly soupy sesh fest, with more ramen than you can poke a chopstick at.

Running from July 3 – 20, lovers of the broth can wander on down to the pop-up alley and slurp to their heart’s content while sipping on a Suntory whisky highball to really warm the tum.

It all kicks off once the sun sets on the day, which is undeniably the best time to tuck into a big bowl of ramen, because you’ll 100% wanna go home and go to bed immediately. The siren’s song of the post-noodle nap is strong and unwavering, so it’s best to just not have anything on afterwards so you can go full food coma.

Tickets for the whole shebang are up on Osaka Trading Co’s website, and grant you one (1) shoyu ramen and one (1) Toki whisky highball – so if you want to get in on the week’s special ramen, or you’re more of a porky, creamy tonkotsu ramen fan like me, you’ll need to bring some extra cashola.

A Pop-Up Ramen & Whisky Alley Is Hitting Sydney So You Can Slurp While You Sip
I’m Ponyo. Every time.

Wrangle a crew, put your best ramen slurpin’ pants on (and maybe a bib) and get yourself a bowl of the good stuff. At this stage of winter, literally, every night is ramen night.

Image: Instagram / @ramenraff