Butter & Rising Sun Are Sharing Spicy Noods Over Sept With A Limited Edition Ramen

If you’ve had the fried chicken from Butter and/or the ramen from Rising Sun Workshop, you’ll understand how frankly blessed it is that the two kitchens are teaming up to make a bowl of delicious noodle in broth.

[jwplayer wrHlZH9I]

Every winter the Surry Hills chicken and sneaker institution ladles up hot, hearty bowls of rich tonkotsu and chicken broth, and to close out the chilly season they’ve joined up with the inner west’s soup-and-motorbikes collective to do a limited run of a tongue-tingling, spizzy tantanmien ramen.

Rising Sun Workshop is quite easily some of the best broth in Sydney, with its Breakfast Ramen curing just about every hangover possible, so marrying the two kitchens together is going to be some real Good Shit™.

In the bowl, you’ll find a mouth-moving ground chicken, fermented bamboo, pickled wasabi leaf, noodles, marinated egg, and Butter’s famed fried chicken,  nestled in a spicy sesame broth and drizzled in rayu, a Japanese chilli oil that’ll blow your head clean off given half the chance.

If you’re still battling a bit of a lurgy from the winter months, this will probably kick the shit out of your sinuses. Get ready to have a clear nasal passage for the first time in weeks, my friends.

The big fiery slurper will be dished up from September 3 at Butter’s Surry Hills store, and the pop-up inside Mrs Sippy in Double Bay, and you’ll be able to sloop up the spicy noodles for a limited run of three weeks.