The world’s most expensive ramen has found itself in the kitchen of a ramen joint in Sydney, of all places, and friends I have never yearned to slurp a bowl of soupy noodles so bad in my whole life.

Gumchara, Sydney’s purveyors of delish noods, has crafted the wildly-expensive ‘Rags To Riches’ ramen which clocks in at a whopping $400 bucks a bowl.

400 ramen most expensive sydneyGood LORD.

Looking like a bowl of slurpy noodles that got plated by Midas himself, the bonkers bougie ramen features an entire lobster, including both a tempura-battered tail and a golden lobby head. That golden crustacean is nestled in next to a couple of sheets of glistening golden nori as well, making it all look like something served to ramen royalty.

Alongside the standard faves of noodles, spring onion, bamboo shoots, and a soft-boiled egg, the fancy-ass ramen comes swimming in a 12-hour broth made with 5kg of lobster heads and 10kg of top-quality pork bones. Oh god, this sounds insanely delicious, and I truly want to just spend a good sesh lovingly shoving it into my face hole.

400 ramen most expensive sydneyI truly just made some unhealthy guttural noises looking at this.

Before you go running to the bank to drop half a month’s rent on this bowl of bullshit-yum gear, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s not for sale – but you can still try and nab yourself a bowl to fill your tum and satiate your sudden desire for golden lobster.

The ramen is part of the Aussie launch for the video game Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which lands on November 10. To celebrate the new game, the absolute maniacs over at Xbox are giving away one (1) single bowl to someone from NSW, who I’m sure will be the envy of ramen lovers right across the country (and probably the world, too). You can chuck your hat in the ring over on Xbox AU/NZ’s Twitter.

Good luck, godspeed, and whoever wins this insane bowl of noodles and heavenly broth: bring it to me.

Image: Supplied