Back in December last year, Japanese restaurant Nakiryu became one of only two Tokyo ramen shops to earn a coveted Michelin star. Their hero dish (if we’re using the MasterChef parlance of the day) is their dan dan noodles – a spicy Szechuan-style bowl of ramen that you still get via vending machine ticket for ¥850. 

People were understandably pretty damn impressed; wait times at the Tokyo shopfront regularly top several hours. 

But now, thanks to the miracle of dehydrated food products, Nakiryu has partnered up with Nissin, the company behind some of your favourite instant ramen, to create their very own Michelin-star cup noodles. 

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And apparently, they are fucken delicious. Rocket News 24 even said that they actually taste pretty much exactly like the original. 

Not only that, but they’re cheap as hell – you can pick up a cup from this site for AU$4.16 (plus shipping, which starts at $7.85, but who cares, MICHELIN STAR INSTANT RAMEN!). 

Call your mates, cancel your Japan trip, put in a bulk order and get the kettle on. You’ve got some award-winning noodles to slurp.

Source: Tasting Table

Image: Instagram / @hkfoodie_ken_taste.