Sydney Cannoli Kings Pasticceria Papa Are Doing Gelato Yule Logs So We’ll Take Ten

Marrying together the twee sentimentality of a traditional Christmas but also catering to the sweltering heat of Australia in December is a mean feat, but the genius gang over at Sydney’s Pasticceria Papa have pulled it off this year with two offerings of gelato yule logs.

[jwplayer L1YkEjGo]

Alongside the traditional yule log made with sponge cake and a literal mountain of cream, Pasticceria Papa is doing a summery twist with two December-friendly gelato logs from its three Sydney stores this year.

Sandwiched with layers of sponge cake, dusted with a healthy amount of icing sugar, and decorated with the kind of adorable little Christmassy things you’d see tucked away at the back of your grandparents’ pantry, you can choose from either a chocolate and vanilla gelato treat, or a borderline-illegal Nutella gelato log.

The gelato logs will set you back $49, but they also feed up to 15 people (or just a couple of you if you conspire, nick it from the freezer, and get stuck into it in the garage.)

If you don’t want to wait until the 25th to chow down on some of the city’s greatest Italian treats, Papa is also doing a 12 Days Of Christmas eclairs box, and you could totally get that to sneak a little snack every day from December 12. Literally nobody is stopping you from doing this. You’re an adult, you make your own rules and you can absolutely buy yourself a whole box of little eclairs if you want.

The boxes of eclairs will set you back $36, and you’ll need to give your local Pasticceria Papa team at least 24 hours heads up because they’re all made to order. You can cop all these treats from the Pasticceria Papa stores in Bondi Beach, Five Dock, and the OG in Haberfield.