There is, in my view, a time and a place for nudity. Being a baby? Great time to be nude. Having a shower? One of the all-time best times to be nude. There are probably other times as well, that I missed in that extensive list. I do not feel any particular compulsion to be nude while I eat. When I eat, I like my clothes to form a sort of ‘food barrier’, preventing the food from becoming trapped in the topography of my body. Clothes are great for this.

This is not a universally held view, however. There are people who love to get nude and do all sorts of things, including but not limited to eating. If this happens to be you, and you happen to live in Sydney, I have some absolutely tremendous news for you: You can do this in the company of a bunch of similarly unclothed strangers at the end of October.

In what the press release that I’m looking at is describing as Sydney’s “first naked dining experience”, Stitch Bar in the CBD will be playing host to Bottoms Up Sydney, an “opportunity for less-inhibited Sydneysiders to enjoy a Sunday session, a few beers and a feed with your friends, minus all your clothes”.

$30 a pop will get you a drink of your choice, a lanyard in which to store your cards and ID, and a seat in a room full of people with their tits’n’bits out. Dinner and further drinks are on you. All participants must be over 18, and it is highly stressed that this is a non-sexual event and “anybody found to be behaving inappropriately will be removed from the room, required to dress and ejected from the venue”. Seems pretty fair! All staff on the day will “remain clothed for operational, health, safety and hygiene reasons”, which also seems extremely fair.

The event is being run in concert with Young Nudists of Australia, which describes itself as “an online community existing primarily on Facebook which is frequented by young people aged 18-40 who are actively enjoying and sharing the naturist / nudist lifestyle”.

The dinner and drinks will run from 3pm to 8pm on Sunday, October 27. You can find more details on the Stich Bar website, if this is the sort of thing that turns you on (unless it literally turns you on, and then maybe sit this one out).

Image: Facebook