Fizzy Margarita Tinnies Just Landed Which Means I Don’t Have To Lug A Blender To Picnics

sparkling margaritas tins jose cuervo

Just when we thought all our balmy summer picnics were ripe and ready to go, a new tin has entered the arena: sparkling margaritas. Is it a game changer to have tequila in fizzy tins ready to be necked at the next legally-allowed gathering? Possibly, but it’s also great news for anyone who has been tempted to haul a blender to the park for bulk margs.

Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margaritas have just landed in grog shops around the country, and inside each of the zesty little tins you’ll find a perfectly-mixed bubbly cocktail of tequila with triple sec (read: orange) and lime flavours. Considering it’s such a bitch to try and make margaritas anywhere but the kitchen, and making a bulk batch to pack is more effort than any of us would like to put in right now, these new tequila tinnies are a real treat.

These bad boys might also join the other tequila cocktail I love to neck in summer months: the ol’ lemon, lime and bitters with a shot of the good agave stuff. Now that’s summer in a glass, right there.

I’m also taking this as another win for those of us who want to enjoy the delights of a bar or pub, but also don’t want to put pants on. Margaritas at home without having to put in the elbow work, or really get up from the couch/inflatable pool if you put as esky in the right spot? Sign me the fuck up.

These new sparkling margarita tins will set you back a tight $25 for a four pack, and you can rip the scab off one straight up, or be civil and pour it over some ice first and maybe add in a little lime slice to garnish.

I know what I’ll be opting for on a bullshit-hot day in the thick of summer though: mainlining that shit like it’s the last day on earth.