Soz Nutella, Sydney Is About To Cop Oz’s First Peanut Butter Themed Bar

Move over Nutella, you overrated spread. You have had your time to shine. For those of us who have had our fill of Nutella cafes, milkshakes and donuts, there is some good news, with Sydney about to cop a peanut-butter speciality cafe of its very own, called the Peanut Butter Bar.

Opening on September 30th in Leichhardt, the cafe is not just going to feature jars of peanut butter with spoons (even though that sounds hella good), with a variety of delish items reportedly on the menu.

Owners Christine and Nagib Elbakht have tried to combine their love of health and fitness with eating desserts, and are going to be offering an array of high-protein gelato options made on a machine imported from Italy:

If that wasn’t enough, there will also be gluten-free salted peanut butter and chocolate chip skillet cookies, which are baked to order:

There will also be vegan peanut butter shakes and vegan caramelised banana and peanut butter pudding, all to be enjoyed in an industrial space inspired by Rocky, designed to look like a boxing gym, with huge Muhammad Ali murals adorning the walls. Not entirely sure what boxing has to do with peanut butter, but let’s just go with it.

So bye Nutella, it seems like everyone should be able to have their cravings satisfied by the superior spread now. Except for people with allergies to nuts, obviously. Probably best you leave them at home.

You can keep updated on the bar’s progress here.