Peak Melbourne? PR stunt? Long-con that’ll ultimately be revealed as a giant pisstake?

Whatever the case, this is bonkers.
A pop-up dessert bar/cafe/thing in the Victorian capital is reportedly offering customers the chance to suck down one (1) single teaspoon of Nutella for the princely sum of $5.
The Spoonful of Sugar cafe surfaced over the weekend, crinkling many a brow with its offerings of “small amount of spread” as fine, gourmet desserts.
Beyond the single serve Nutella – branded by the cafe as ‘Naughty Nutella‘ and served with what appears to be a pinch of crumb on top, the pop-up is also offering teaspoon-sized servings of Peanut Butter & Jam (‘Playful PB & J‘), salted caramel (‘Sinful Salted Caramello‘), butterscotch (‘Bold Butterscotch‘) and banoffee (‘Blissful Banoffee‘). All the size of a single teaspoon, all for the ridiculous pricetag of five dollarydoos.
‘Course the backlash to said spoonfuls of shite has been swift and merciless, but we remain utterly convinced the whole thing isn’t some sort of giant stitch up.
The cafe has little-to-no internet presence, and is reportedly only appearing at “secret” locations.
Is it possible that it’s both a giant stunt and completely serious at the same time? Will this spark a trend that drives the price of spreads up, making hazelnut one of the most valuable commodities in the world? Do you even get to keep the spoon or nah?
All are questions. All probably have answers. All of which you’ll probably be able to find out on the next episode of ‘Inner Melbourne Is A Toilet Fire That Will Eventually Eat Itself.’

Source: Facebook.
Photos: Melbourne Cool/Facebook.