Whittaker’s Limited Edition Peanut Butter & Jelly Block Is Here & It’s Confectionary Chaos

whittakers peanut butter jelly block

Whittaker’s, the New Zealand purveyors of delicious chocolatey treats, has dropped a peanut butter and jelly chocolate block into the sweeties aisle of Aussie shops, and it’s quite honestly a game changer. I’m not even being dramatic, this snack has changed the way I approach eating blocks of chocolate.

At first glance, I thought these were a pretty simple block. Pic’s peanut butter, and a sticky boysenberry jelly, entombed in creamy milk chocolate case. One and done, and I can savour this choccy block over the course of a few days. Oh, how utterly incorrect I was.

These blocks, these conniving slabs of yum yum, are designed so that you eat it two squares at a time. One square holds the pb, and the other square is filled with the jelly. Together, they make a tiny, chocolately peanut butter & jelly sandwich. It’s fucked how truly tasty this innovation is, and it also caused my house to inhale two blocks over the course of a weekend.

Just want peanut butter chocolate? You can eat just one square. Stinging for a full-choc jelly tip experience? The other half of the block is for you.

My only word of warning is to keep track of which side is which, because I absolutely got confused and wound up sandwiching two peanut butter squares together, which meant I had to deal with a full jelly situation later.

With this new way of smooshing together two types of choccy, what else could be put together in a double-ended block? Peanut butter and honey? Fruit and nut? Nutella and marshmallow?

Hang on, has this just changed my perspective on how the old Snack chocolate blocks should be eaten? Holy shit, are you meant to sandwich flavours together???

While I sit with this epiphany moment, you can find the limited edition blocks at your local Coles, Woolies, and Big W shops, and they’ll set you back $6 a pop. But maybe heed my warning, splurge a bit, and grab a couple of blocks because they’re very easy to put away.