PINKIES OUT: Get Your Office Keen For Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

Ah, morning tea. Whether it’s a lil’ snack paired with a refreshing (and occasionally caffeinated) beverage or some incredibly juicy gossip that you simply cannot help but spill, tea has a firm place in our hearts and stomachs. Why is that?

Maybe it’s a lingering love from the days of the Brits (because frankly there’s no way that the Queen doesn’t still like a lil’ high tea break). Maybe it’s because coffee is the devil’s beverage (don’t @ me). Maybe we just love having a break mid-morning to chow down, sip on something relaxing and take us away from it all.

Whatever the reasoning, a big ol’ tea brings us together. And the biggest of the bunch is, well, all in the name: Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Does what it says on the tin, no?

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an initiative started by Cancer Council to raise money for cancer research – yep, dunking a biccy into your tea with all your friends, family or colleagues could help contribute to the changing of lives. Small snack, big impact.

So it’s important to make a deal out of it – and where else to do so but at the office? Here’s a few ways to convince your team to get it going.

The hungry approach

It’s hard to deny your stomach’s grumbles. Just thinking about a delicious spread of fruits, dips, cheese, tea and more is enough to initiate growl sequences, and frankly if anyone is able to truly deny that, they’ve got a resolve of steel.

But for real, what office wouldn’t want a cheeky morning break (in support of a good cause) when there’s food involved? They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I reckon that works for just about erryone.

The wholesome approach

The best thing about hosting a big ol’ morning tea is that it goes towards a really good cause. Appeal to your office’s human side. Almost everyone knows someone who’s had to deal with cancer, whether firsthand or via someone close to them.

By educating them on how worthwhile it is to get in on a cause like this, it’ll get it over the line. Much as I like to joke that people suck (and tbh, sometimes they do), for the most part they’re pretty great. Like I said: wholesome.

The intense approach

Though it may seem dark, if you’ve tried both of the above and all else fails, there is one other way. Hide their tea. Take their food. Make them realise how great it is. Make them grumpier every day with the lack of quality snackage and bevs.

And then, when the time is right and the people are craving a mid-morning break. That’s when you perk up with, “Oh, why don’t we just host Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea then?” Foolproof.

All you have to do now is register to hold a morning tea for your office and spread around the fundraising link throughout all your social media, colleagues, family, colleagues’ family and basically anyone who will listen.

Raise as much as you can for the cause and when the day comes, deposit the fundraising bucks into the bank and then all you gotta do is just chow down.

Officially speaking, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is held on May 23rd, but if you’ve got a whole lotta stuff on (you social butterfly, you), you can actually hold one whenever you like throughout May and June. So really there’s no excuse.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ma go grab an apple and some tea. For the good of society, and the good of my stomach.

Reckon you can get your office to do the same?