Woolies Just Dropped A Cookies & Cream Mud Boy Which Sounds Like A Bloody Cookies & Dream

Right in front of your morning tea, smoko, or whatever snack time you’re already up to today, Woolies has unleashed a brand new muddy boy variety for you to inhale with a cuppa. It’s taken the beloved mud lad and made him fancy with the Cookies & Cream mud cake. Oh boy, this is dangerous business.

Maybe make a whole pot of tea, because you’re probably gonna want a good sesh with this decadent cake if the pics are anything to go by.

cookies & cream muddy boy mudcake
Ohh yeah baby, that’s the good shit.

The cookies & cream muddy boy is a limited edition variation on the beloved choccy champ, so if you wanna wrap your laughing gear around this you’re gonna want to move quickly and grab one. I can’t imagine they’ll hang around on shelves, considering the standard choc one has a tendency to sell the fuck out too.

So what have we got in here? My sweet-toothed friend you are looking at a white chocolate mud cake with choc bickie flecked through it, slathered in an inverted white-choc ganache, a straight choccy squiggle, and topped with crumbly bits of chocolate bickie. Oh BOY.

Limited edition cookies & cream muddy boys will set you back a tidy $4.80, and you can find ’em at your local Woolies. Sorry to anyone who thinks they can beat you at morning tea game with something that isn’t this dense binch, ‘cos it’s just not gonna happen.

God, I just want to go to town on one of these cakes right now. Just throw the rules out the window and have at it from the centre with a fork. Winter’s for being comfy and eating cake, so please feel free to make a pot of tea, put your chocolate-stained trackies on, and join me in absolutely destroying a mud cake this week.