VB Just Put Out A Beer-Flavoured Tea Because It’s Always 6:15am Somewhere

For anyone who’s ever shakily sucked down a milky mug of Earl Grey at Far Too Early O’Clock and thought to themselves “this doesn’t taste enough like licking the carpet at the TAB,” this is a great day for you. Victoria Bitter, in all their infinite wisdom, have filled a hole in the market you never knew existed by releasing a beer-flavoured tea. As in, tea bags that will make your mug of hot water taste like the chiller at your local has blown a head gasket. Yes, really.

[jwplayer DT3cU4a2]

VB has put out a limited edition VB Tea as part of a promotional push ahead of this year’s Ashes series in England.

The tea, which comes in packs of 24 (of course), is comprised of a combination of Ceylon black tea leaves and VB’s own “Super Pride Hops,” with the end result looking like a frothy and tasting like… well, pretty much exactly how you’d expect a beer tea to taste, frankly.

There’s no actual booze in the tea (unless you Irish it up a little post-steep, but that’s really on you), but if you desire a warm morning beverage that tastes like everything wrong you did last night, then this is the brew for you.

The tea is available via the VB official store for $10 a pop; the initial run was sold out at the time of writing, but there’ll no doubt be another lot put up for grabs as the Ashes progresses.

Once again, that’s beer tea. A tea that tastes like beer. For a hard-earned etc.