Turns Out Aussies Are Baking The Easiest Type Of Bread Right Now Compared To Everyone Else

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram in the last month (I mean, who hasn’t? What else is there to do?) you’ve probably noticed that everyone you follow has suddenly turned into a baker seemingly overnight. We’re all baking bread now, that’s our lives. We wake, we bake, we break bread. Rinse and repeat. But what are we all even making?

The numbers have been crunched by everyone’s go-to mood board, Pinterest, and it turns out us Aussies have really simple tastes when it comes to baking bread.

According to the internet’s biggest pinboard, the number of us in Aus looking up recipes and inspiration for piss-easy damper has spiked 263% in the last little while. Damper bread. Yep, that thing that you probably learned how to make on your first camping trip as a Scout (hi, that’s me) or the first thing you were trusted to make in Food Tech in high school.

baking bread
All of us, five (?) weeks into iso.

Literally the easiest bread to make, and comes from Indigenous seedcake, or bush bread. Flour, salt, water. Piss easy. I first learned to make it by making a simple dough and sticking it in a campfire. It’s so easy, and a very dense yum bread. Get outta here with your fancy-ass focaccia, Brittany, clearly damper is still king around here.

Other countries seem to be a little more advanced in the bread baking department, because according to the stats, Japanese brioche is really popular in France, “no yeast bread” is all the rage in the UK, and the US is exploring its Indigenous roots by wanting to learn how to make Navajo fry bread.

Seriously, check out everything that everyone’s making around the world, this is so cute (and we are just so lazy.)

baking bread trends
Canned ham, Canada? Are you okay?

One thing’s for sure, we’re all just absolutely fanging for a big hunk of carbs. There’s legit nothing as delicious as freshly baked bread with a glob of butter on it. Prove me wrong.

baking bread

If anything, this new knowledge about our baking habits in iso has inspired me. I actually found flour at my local shops this week, and I’m gonna bake the heck out of a fat loaf of bread. I’ll be eating like a queen for at least three days. Hell yeah.