The Doughnut King Of Melbourne Tells Us How He Conquered The Food World & It’s Sweet AF

If you’re from Melbourne, you’ve probably heard of Bistro Morgan. Founded by literal doughnut prodigy Morgan Hipworth when he was just 15 years old, the bakehouse now sells scrolls, cookies, toasties, coffee, and of course, Morgan’s famed doughnuts.

While Morgan is a certified sweet tooth in the kitchen, his Instagram account is a foodie paradise as the now 20-year-old shares all sorts of kitchen creations.

From eggs benedict to burgers, Morgan’s TikTok (where he has close to one million followers) showcases this young culinary whiz. And as someone who resorts to eating toast for dinner on days I can’t be bothered chopping an onion, even I’m inspired.

As he’s busy building his cool $200 million (!!) doughnut empire, we got Morgan in for a quick-fire Q and A to hear what he uses to create his iconic foodie content and his best advice if you want to be the next Young Masterchef.

How did you get into the foodie world? 

Since I was young, the kitchen always had an allure, and cooking played a massive part in my life. I started cooking at seven years old when I watched TV shows such as Masterchef. I just thought ‘Well, if they can do it, I can do it!’

I began by cooking packet-mix cakes and cookies, then I moved onto more intricate dishes. I started an early version of Bistro Morgan by setting up my family’s formal dining room as a restaurant. I would print out menus and make all of my family score my dinner. I’d spend most weekends cooking all day to serve up a full three-course dinner that night.

You have many jobs and titles, how do you stay so organised?

Staying on top of things helps so much, I use heaps of digital tools like my Microsoft Surface to help me stay organised and remember everything I have to do. Two of my most common tools are the calendar and to-do lists. It ensures I don’t miss anything.

Can you share your ultimate self-care comfort meal? 

I think it would have to be a classic burger, homemade of course! It’s a dish that can be enjoyed any time of day that really brings back some great memories.

@morganhipworth $2 vs $10 vs $100 burger, which would you try? #food #foryou #burgers ♬ Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

How about a cheap, go-to meal to cook when you’re short on time?

That’s a tough one! I think it would have to be Nasi Goreng, it reminds me so fondly of my time in Asia and is just so full of flavour and so quick to put together.

Your TikTok account is blowing up right now. Aside from your camera, what other tools do you need to create foodie content? 

Recipe development and content creation takes up a huge chunk of my time, so it’s super important to have a device that can keep up with my needs. That’s where I rely on my Microsoft Surface, from gathering inspo, to writing recipes and then finally to editing the final content, it never lets me down. Also, having a device that’s super portable makes my life so much easier. I love to be able to easily adjust my recipes whilst I’m in the kitchen and reference my inspiration images. I feel like I can unleash my creativity both in and out of the kitchen.

Any advice for people wanting to get creative in the kitchen or start their business but may be nervous about their age?

Just get into it and give it a shot, cooking is all about doing. And you’ll only get better with practice! My best piece of advice for anybody wanting to start their own business would have to be to ensure you’re prepared to put in the work. Running a business takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s not necessarily an off switch. It’s a truly rewarding experience but don’t go in half hearted.

@morganhipworth My homemade peanut butter cups filled with the NEW Pic’s Peanut & Whittaker’s Chocolate Butter is a match made in heaven #PicsPeanutButter ♬ original sound – Morgan Hipworth

What’s your favourite thing about getting creative with food? 

I find it hard to name one single favourite thing about food. It’s the creativity of transforming basic ingredients into something exciting. It’s the way that food brings people together – sharing moments and enjoying life. It’s the colours. It’s the smells. Cooking takes me to some alternate reality where anything is possible, and I’m more myself.