It’s National Doughnut Day And Hole-y Moly, There Are Some Intense One-Offs

Today is National Doughnut Day, the one day of the year where we must bow down to the airy kings and glazed queens of social media. From OG-glazed freebies to incredibly decadent monstrosities and everything in-between, here are the best places to celebrate around Aus. 


Alright Syd, so you’ve got a few choices when it comes to your afternoon sugar hit besides the big guys above. Over at Shortstop Coffee & Donuts in Barangaroo, they’re giving away a cinnamon spice cake doughnut with every purchase. 
Alternatively, Tella Balls Dessert Bar in Dulwich Hill and Concord are both serving up gelato doughnut sliders, which is a lot to even type. Flavours include Oreo and Golden Gaytime, so uh, get there quick. 

Not one to let Sydney take the doughnut day crown, Melb’s turning it out too. 
Head to Bistro Morgan in Windsor for a free mini doughnut with every purchase, while Dandee Donuts in Dandenong are handing out free jam doughnuts from their gold and purple van until 4pm at the markets. Shortstop are offering the same free cinnamon spice cake donut in Melbourne too at their Sutherland Street shop. 
Meanwhile, Bourke Street’s Doughboy Doughnuts are launching its frankly insane-sounding strawberry cheesecake doughnut with milk chocolate ganache today. All the proceeds go to the Koala Kids Foundation, which makes each bite all the sweeter. 
We’re probs most keen for the free Greek doughnuts at Peel Street’s Lukumades, though. Head over between 6-7pm for the happiest hour ever, where you’ll be able to pick between salted caramel, Oreo sprinkles, cinnamon and honey and Nutella-drizzled balls.  

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Does Adelaide have the best doughnuts out? We’ll have to travel city-by-city to check, but this line-up of specials and one-offs bodes well. 
Ever wanted a Wonka Redskin doughnut? Me either, but you can grab one at Devour Cafe Patissery and Third Time Lucky: owner Quang Nguyen is offering the perplexing flavour and other doughnuts for free at both of his cafés. 
We’re pretty into the idea of a lemon meringue doughnut. You can try out Sugar Man’s attempt (and a few more creations) at Fred EateryPlease Say Please and Larry and Ladd. Meanwhile at Abbots and Kinney, you can find Cherry Ripe and Golden Gaytime doughnuts, if that’s your vibe.

The big boys are swinging hard this NDD. Krispy Kreme is giving away 30,000 OG glazed doughnuts across its Syd, Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne stores: while it might be the arvo, there’s still a chance they’ll have a few left.
Meanwhile, Doughnut Time has baked three limited-edition giant doughnuts. The flavours include a classic pink frosting and sprinkles, a Nutella-spiked doughnut topped with crunchy M&Ms and the Chris Hemsworthy, a vegan red velvet doughnut with cookies and cream frosting. Whoa. 
In the words of Homer Simpson: “Doughnuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”

Photo: Doughnut Time.