Up to fifty patrons walked out of Emmy nominated performer Tracy Morgan’s first ever show in Melbourne last week after the comedian’s raunchy brand of humour and arresting subject matter was deemed to be sexist, tasteless and offensive which is kind of like walking out of a Lars von Trier film because you thought the characters were bleak, weird and depressing.
The oft unhinged 30 Rock star was performing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as part of his first ever Australian comedy tour (continuing in Perth tonight) but was poorly received in Australia’s comedy capital with Melbourne talk back radio station 3AW fielding complaints from disgusted Melbourne attendees who said things like “It was all sexually related. He said he was a pervert and this is the sort of stuff he liked and then it went on from there,” and “He went everywhere, he discussed disabled people having sex, what his experiences were, everything he discussed was just disgusting.” 
Fair enough if he wasn’t that funny or an incompetent performer, you have every right to complain, but don’t expect to attend a Tracy Morgan show – a guy who once did this on live television and will take your propriety behind the middle school and get it pregnant – and complain about it being too sexual. That’s just embarrassing for everyone.
This guy knows what I’m talking about.