Mi Goreng Doughnuts Have Popped Up In Melbourne & Our Mouths Are Confused

As we hurtle through space and time, there’s one thing that we as a species seemingly cannot get past – food-based mashups. Milkshakes with stupid amounts of irrelevant shoved in them? Tick. Chucking a bit of bacon in your Maccas sundae? That’s a-bingo. Nuts and gum? Together at last.

[jwplayer hMzdC4gS]

We told you recently about those horrendous-looking-but-probably-tasty mi goreng fries in Sydney, and now in the latest of foods being smushed together comes the Mi Goreng Doughnut from Bistro Morgan in Melbourne. Which I’m not entirely sure is something that we wanted or needed, but by god do we deserve it.

Look at this thing. LOOK AT IT. I wasn’t sure if this thing was meant to be sweet or not, but upon further investigating I can confirm that I still do not know. My taste buds are very confused at what I’m looking at here.

Made with a kecap manis (sweet, sticky soy sauce) dough, this monstrosity that I would absolutely shove into my gob is filled with chilli chocolate custard, topped with a mi goreng glaze, ramen noodle sprinkles, and a sweet chilli drizzle.

The limited edition doughnut is the cooked brainchild of the 17-year-old owner of Morgan Bistro, Morgan Hipworth, which explains so very much – because I know for a fact that when I was 17 and doing my HSC I practically lived on the stuff, and did so right through until I finished university.

The gastronomic monstrosity has been created as part of Bonbo and Indomie‘s takeover of Melbourne, where multiple eateries have put their spin on the sharehouse staple. Honestly, I’m kinda miffed I’m in Sydney and can’t confuse my mouth further by having a monch on one of these. Can someone try one over the weekend and report back to me, please?

Melb folk you can grab yourself one of these noodly doughnuts from today until Sunday at Morgan Bistro, 190 High St, Windsor.