Mi Goreng Under Investigation

As those who’ve lost a job, befriended an Asian or attended University will know, Mi Goreng is the meal of choice for those who value flavour over sustenance. I still periodically buy cartons from the Chinese grocer across the street and have probably consumed 400+ packs since my frugal Asian Mother (aren’t they all?) first presented it as an alternative to bread in the early 2000’s. And why not? The Indonesian-owned instant noodle brand is delicious, nutrient deficient and cheaper than a stick of gum. But the brand, and, by extension, our way of life, is being threatened by health fears surrounding some scary sounding chemicals.

Says the SMH: “Mi Goreng, is currently under investigation by food authorities in Australia and Singapore after being pulled from shelves in Taiwan…In early October, Taiwanese health authorities recalled the product after finding banned amounts of the chemicals Methyl P-Hydroxybenzoate (E218) and Benzoic acid, both of which are used in cosmetics and as food preservatives.

I know what you’re thinking – why does Mi Goreng contain chemicals “used in cosmetics”? Have I been eating make-up this whole time? No you haven’t so don’t worry. After four weeks of testing, officials from Food Standards Australia and New Zealand have yet to find either substance in Mi Goreng imported into Australia. As you were.