You might, regrettably, be labouring under the misapprehension that mi goreng is good enough as it is: a steaming bowlful of wet noodles spiced with exciting chemical flavours extracted from a plastic tube. Glorious as it is, it can be improved.

We got Mitch OrrACME head chef and one of the faces of Local Supply, to teach us a few ways you can turn that 99c pack of carbs and MSG into something not even Michelin critics could resist handing bulk stars to.

Check it out:

There you go. Next time one of your housemates asks why you’re still loading up on mi goreng even though you’ve got a full-time job now, just tell them you’ve graduated to a new plane of culinary existence.

Orr is teaming up with Local Supply for their “For Locals Everywhere” summer campaign – which highlights the brand’s longstanding commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and creative expression.

It ain’t just Orr taking part either – they’ve also got musician Ecca Vandal, Olympic synchronised swimmer Olia Burtaev and poet / fashion designer / hip-hop prodigy Genesis Owusu on board.

“Our products are for locals everywhere – regardless of your gender, sexuality, race or socioeconomic status,” says Local Supply founder Sean SathaWe’re all locals. We’re all different but we’re all the same.”

Read more about the campaign here.

Image: Local Supply