Hey Sydney, Want To Fuck Your Life Up On Mi Goreng Fries? Now You Can

Mi Goreng Fries. Honestly, this is a deadset no brainer. Absolute home run. Combining the king of cheap broke week meals with its very close runner up? You’re bloody laughing here. And Sydneysiders can get absolutely stuck into it thanks to one industrious burgorium.

[jwplayer xs5x3l7T]

The team at Milky Lane, already no strangers to outrageous stacked chippy concoctions, have unveiled possibly the most Pissed Idiot meal of all time: Mi Goreng Fries.

That is, a bed of fries (already great), topped with a bag of ye olde Indomie Mi Goreng with all the trimmings (incredible stuff), and finished off fancy-style with a fried egg on top (mother of god).

Can’t really explain the whole thing any clearer than that. Wrap yr lookin’ gear around the heretofore unfathomable beast.

Real talk: We’ve all had a crack at making something similar to that at 2 or 3 or 4am in the grips of whatever wild shit we poured down our throats earlier that night. But to do it properly? With actual skill? Like it’s a real food now and not some drunken pipe dream that nearly burns down your house because you fell asleep before it was done?

That’s the stuff of dreams, right there.

Keen to absolutely bend your life over backwards hauling that plate of spectacular colon glue? Go get around it.