Stan Lee’s Former Manager Keya Morgan Arrested On Elder Abuse Charges

Stan Lee, Keya Morgan

Keya Morgan, the former business manager accused of imprisoning and financially abusing Stan Lee before his death, has been taken into custody on an outstanding warrant in Arizona.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Morgan faces one count of false imprisonment of an elder adult, and three counts of grand theft of an elder or dependent adult.

He has also been charged with “special aggravated white collar crime” with a loss of over $100k, and one count of elder or dependent adult abuse.

Last year, Lee’s daughter requested a restraining order against Morgan, saying that he was manipulating her father, isolating him from loved ones and trying to take control of his finances.

The charges of grand theft arise out of an alleged $262,000 that was made from Stan Lee autograph signings in May of 2018, but never received by him.

The false imprisonment charge relates to a June 2018 incident in which Morgan removed Stan Lee from his Hollywood Hills home and placed him in a “secured” condo in Beverly Hills.

Morgan was subsequently arrested for making “false 911 calls”, which police claim was a “tactic” to convince the 95-year-old that he was in danger. Lee was removed from his care soon after.

Morgan’s attorney Alex Kessel says that his client denies all allegations of abuse against Stan Lee, and that he had planned to surrender to police on Tuesday, prior to his arrest yesterday.

“It is unfortunate that the DA and police did not honor our commitment to surrender next week and arrested him,” Kessel said in a statement to media.

Stan Lee died in November of 2018, of natural causes, and it is estimated he left behind an estate worth close to $50 million.