Oi Melbourne, There’s Free Panini On The Go In The CBD So There’s Lunch Sorted

Hey look Melbourne it’s a miserable day out there, so what better to keep your insides nice and warm than with a god damn free lunch from a brand new Italian sandwich bar in The Causeway?

The team from Saluministi are throwing open the doors for the first time in the little laneway tucked off Bourke St Mall, and to celebrate they’re giving away as many of their Porchetta & Mortadella Panini as humanly possible between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

Perfect little lunch for those of you who haven’t done any groceries or brought lunch to work/uni/what-have-you but cbf to eat it because you’re 100% DONE with having spaghetti for the fourth meal in a row.

The whole panini menu from the bar has a story behind it, telling tales of the owners Frank Bressi and Peter Mastro growing up in traditional Melbourne-Italian households, full of love and very filling food. Seriously if you’ve ever experienced walking into someone’s Nonna’s house, you’ll know what I mean about being fed till you can’t bloody see straight.

The Causeway is the fourth sandwich bar for the Saluministi team, and it’s a testament to how fkn good their food is. The Causeway shop also serves simple coffees (no fancy shit here, just the good bean) and a range of gluttonous Italian sweets like fresh-piped cannoli, Italian doughnuts, and biscotti.

Brb eating my weight in tiny pickles now, bye.