Sydney, are you tired of sipping weak lattes in sparsely furnished cafes, the walls of which aren’t even remotely set up for the climbing delights of small furry friends? Do you miss accidentally looking up from your spinach and feta panini and locking directly onto the EYE OF SAURON as its owner drifts past you, tail knowingly in the air? Do you long for the simple pleasures of having your lunch come with a side of lint roller?

Well fear not, dear friends! Your long wait is finally over! After successfully setting up similar cafes in Thailand, Japan, and Melbourne, the Harbour City is about to get its very own cat cafe. Better still, it’s gonna be SPACE THEMED.

Sydney Is Getting The Space-Themed Cat Cafe It Never Knew It Needed Until Now

The excellently named Catmosphere will be touching down in a “CBD location” sometime in June of this year, and will feature all the trimmings you’ve come to expect from the already established locations: Namely, kitties will be there and you can pet them.

But along with that comes the food, coffee, and other associated-drinks that a cafe tends to have. So it’s really up to you to decide how much cute you want to have whilst tucking in to a solid piece of cake. (Real talk: You want lots of cute while you do that, don’t you. You’re not some sort of MONSTER.)

The place isn’t quite there yet in terms of funding, but here’s where you can help out in that regard. The cafe has an IndieGoGo campaign running to help them get over the line as fast as possible and get you sucking down espressos whilst asking cats repeatedly if they are, in fact, cats.

Get around all the vital details over at their website.

In the meantime, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever, this.

Sydney Is Getting The Space-Themed Cat Cafe It Never Knew It Needed Until Now