Where To Score Yourself A Cheap Mid-Week Cheesie On National Cheeseburger Day

If there’s any reason to leave your leftovers in the fridge, it’s knowing that tomorrow, September 18, is National Cheeseburger Day, and there’s a host of places around the traps piffing off cheap burgs or letting you make your own cheesy-b’s to celebrate what should bloody-well be a national public holiday.

McDonald’s Cheap Cheesies

Beneath the golden arches this year, you’ll be treated with $1 cheeseburgers if you order through the mymaccs app. Hell, spend a tenner and shout lunch for the whole office.

Just quietly, Macca’s is also selling a very cute range of loungewear this week on Uber Eats too, if you’re like me and yearn for a pair of pjs covered in cute burgers and fries.

Cheap Cheesies = Good Times

The cutest little milk bar in Melbourne, Good Time Milk Bar, is going full buns out for National Cheeseburger Day and is opening up the burger shop a day early, slinging $5 cheeseburgers between 11am and 4pm. So if you’re keen on a little jaunt down to the coast, skip down to the shop in Bentleigh for lunch.

Choose Your Own Cheese Adventure at Merrywell Burger Bar

Staying in Melbourne, the Merrywell Burger Bar at Crown is letting punters choose their own cheese-venture with the “Chooseburger”, where you can select up to three different fancy-ass cheeses from That’s Amore for your burg.

I’m talking Caciotta with chilli, truffle cheese, smoked mozzarella, and semi-soft washed rind Lavato. Fancy. Ass. Cheese.

(According to the Merrywell and That’s Amore teams, the caciotta and truffle are a match made in cheeseburger heaven.)

The build-your-own burgs are available on National Cheeseburger Day for one (1) day only and are going for $14, but if you’re one of the first 100 people down at the shop from 12pm, you’ll cop one for free.

national cheeseburger day chooseburger
Hells bells, look at that thing. (Image: Supplied)

Cop A Burgain From The Burger Collective

Over 40 burger joints down the east coast will grant you a $5 cheesy-b on National Cheeseburger Day if you show them the sneaky code on The Burger Collective app.

It’s almost like knowing the secret password to get into the Stonecutters or something, but take your phone along to hump day lunch at Bar Luca, Milk Bar by Café Ish in Sydney, Easey’s, Ascot Food Store, That Burger Joint in Melb, or Mondaze in Brissy for a cheeky deal.

As I said, leave your sad packed lunch at home tomorrow. It’s National Cheeseburger Day and there are cheap cheesy boys to munch on.