KitKat Is Opening A Permanent Sydney Boutique Ft. A ‘Sushi’ Train That’s Exclusively For Choccies

After teasing the Sydney with a couple of pop-up shops, a proper brick-and-mortar KitKat “chocolatory” is set to open in the CBD, bringing with it some fancy limited-edition flavours, a creation station, dessert tasting sessions, and a whole dedicated chocolate train that’s exactly what you think it is – a sushi train but for tiny fancy KitKats.

It’s the cutest thing ever, look at it. Look!

The new chocolatory has opened up in Sydney’s MidCity centre in the hubbub of Pitt St Mall, which is definitely somewhere you’d probably want to actually take a break at the best of times.

It’s like a fancy-schmancy little chocolate shop where you can get limited-edition flavours, inspired dessert creations, and sweet snacks from ceiling to floor.

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It also features a ‘Create Your Break’ section, an imagination station of sorts, where snack fiends can dream up their ideal KitKat creations. Apparently there’s around 30,000 different combinations you can possibly come up with, including choc flavours and filling ingredients, so you can leave your mark on the confectionary world.

Or maybe somehow make something that shouldn’t ever see the light of day again. Like…mint banana. Don’t do that. You probably won’t get let back into the shop again.

The fancy KitKat Chocolatory is set to swing open its doors on Monday, July 6, and will be open 7am-6pm Monday to Wednesday, 7am-9pm Thursday and Friday, and 9am-7pm on weekends.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the rest of my day trying to figure out the most indulgent choccy flavour I can possibly make.