Have A Mthfkn Break And A Half At ‘Straya’s 1st Standalone KitKat Store

Melbourne, KitKat is now inside you.

The iconic chocolate brand is launching it’s first ever permanent store in Australia – called the KitKat Chocolatory, no less – and Melbournians are the lucky fucks who get it first.

Opening next Friday 21 October at Melbourne Central, the KitKat Chocolatory will be selling special edition flavours, handcrafted chocolates, and personalised flavours, wetting the panties of chocolate-lovers everywhere.

Melbourne street artist Dvate and punk dessert queen Anna Polyviou have collabed with KitKat on this one, creating a Melbourne Street Collection in celebration of the launch.

And honestly, would you look at these monstrosities?

*pats forehead down gently* my diet is RUINED!!!!!

Hoiser Lane: Caramelising the Streets 
Smooth milk chocolate, crisp wafers, caramel fudge, nougat, popcorn and potato chips.

Little Bourke: Yo’ Maccha Me Crazy 
Creamy white chocolate, crisp wafers, maccha, toasted coconut and cornflakes.

Luna Park: Candy Craze
Creamy white chocolate, crisp wafers, 100s & 1000s, pop-rocks and rice crispies.

St Kilda: Sundae Session
Intense dark chocolate, crisp wafers, marshmallow, pretzel and raspberry jelly drops.

But in all seriousness these flavours look dope as hell, so if they could either launch an online store or open in Sydney pronto, that’d be grand.

Address: Melbourne Central on Level 1, Shot Tower Square

Opening house: 10am–7pm Saturday–Wednesday, 10am–9pm Thursday–Friday

Photos: Supplied.