KitKat Is Kollabing With Byron Bay Cookies With Two New Flavours & I’m Officially KitKumming

kitkat collab byron bay cookies

If you made a New Year’s resolution to snack on less chocolate in 2022, then you might want to click right on out of this article, because KitKat has come through with one of their most decadent looking flavours in a long time. Alright, you’ve been warned. It’s nothing but full-on choc-talk from here.

Alrighty chocoholics, brace your mouth holes, because KitKat is partnering with cult Sydney fave Byron Bay Cookies to release some cookie flavoured choc bars for you and the fam to share with each other. Dreams do come true, it seems.

kitkat byron bay cookies
Look at these chocolatey bad bitches. The Charlie’s Angels of snacks.

Yep, KitKat is dropping two new flavours today inspired by gorgeous Byron Bay Cookies flavours, and those are Milk Choc Chunk Cookie and Triple Choc Cookie. No fuckin’ around here, folks. It’s chunky or extra chunky.

Milk Choc Chunk Cookie is covered in white chocolate goodness, while its more devilish counterpart has three different kinds of chocolatey cookie inside a milk chocolate KitKat.

I want to make it very clear that KitKat is not paying me to gas up their product, I’m just obsessed with the ingenuity of putting cookies in a KitKat. And I love chocolate. I’m quite easy to please.

Godly moves, KitKat, love your work. Give the gay intern who thought of this one a RAISE.

triple choc cookie
This one looks like my next favourite KitKat flavour. Obsessed.

“We’re so excited to introduce KitKat brand’s first Australian collaboration to the market, and thrilled that it’s with iconic and beloved local cookie maker Byron Bay Cookies,” said Nestlé Head of Marketing Joyce Tan in a press release.

“We know Aussies will love these tasty additions to the KitKat range, and each bite is sure to transport them to their own beachside Byron Bay break!”

I mean, I’ve only been to Byron Bay once in a COVID-induced fever dream, but I’m sure that I’ll still be transported there upon eating this treat. I believe in the power of wafer treats covered in cookies.

You can grab your Byron Bay Cookies influenced KitKat bars right now at your local supermarket. See y’all in chocolate heaven.