Someone Dreamed About A Cursed Salad-Stuffed Cookie Hand, Then Spent A Week Making It

cursed food king's hand twitter dream

Sometimes our brains create the most cooked, absolutely heinous ideas and spews them at us in the form of a dream. Maybe it’s the concept of being able to fly, or you’re being chased by a person with lobster claws for hands. By no reason should you believe that your fucked brain time must be recreated, which is exactly what one person on Twitter did today. Enter, the monstrosity known as ‘King’s Hand’.

Wisconsin-based Twitter person @thatfrood posted this morning that they recently had a dream about a kind of food/dish/thing called King’s Hand, which was a hollowed M&M cookie in the shape of a hand, filled with Greek salad.

I wish I could tell you that gastronomical abomination remained in their late-night subconscious but no, they went right ahead and decided to make the cursed thing.

The whole process apparently took them a week, which they documented for the collective enjoyment (?) of the Internet, and resulted in exactly what it says on the tin; a hollow hand-shaped M&M cookie filled with juicy, fresh tomato, cucumber, and crumbly fetta cheese.

Thank you, I equal parts love and absolutely fucking hate it.

They started off by making a plaster cast of their own hand in food-grade silicone putty. Not too sure what else you’d use this for apart from making joke foods of limbs and other body parts, but good to know it exists.

Next was mapping out how the hand was going to look – popping M&Ms in the places where the knuckles and fingernails are on the had. A very nice touch, if you ask me.

Then it was a matter of padding it out with cookie dough and chucking it in the oven to bake for a quick proofing.

After that, they made the back of the King’s Hand (also from M&M cookie, as the dream demanded) and popped them both in to bake.

Once baked, the hand and its backing were popped into the freezer so they could be removed from the mould without crumbling into a billion bits. While that was happening, they whipped up a simple Greek salad.

And that, is how you make the absolutely fucked dreamscape dish, King’s Hand.

Each dish on their own, delightful, delicious, very yum. But together? Cursed, damned, abhorrent. A snack that is absolutely heaving with horrible, yucky energy.

king's hand cursed food twitterNo. (Image: Twitter/@thatfrood)

But my God do I want to munch on it.