Crazy Frog, Naked Spawn Of The Underworld, Has Apparently Returned To Ring-Ding-Ding Once More

I could have had a peaceful sleep without this information, but alas, Crazy Frog and his cursed, exposed peen are back to haunt us.

In a tweet that nobody really needed, expected or desired, Crazy Frog has revealed that after all these years, he has been dormant in his layer of Hell, only to awake once more in 2020.

“Hey all! Back from my nap…” the demonic amphibian wrote on Twitter, “Wait…Was I really asleep for that long?! My alarm clock must have not gone off… Sorry!”

Mr Frog, prince of the apocalypse, I am begging you, please go back to sleep immediately. And anyway, weren’t you pronounced dead last year?

Naturally, thirst tweets have also emerged lusting after this sinful spawn of Satan. The internet is but a cursed pit of depravity and we are all taking the quick route to damnation.

If you need me I’ll be washing my eyes with hand sanitiser.