Unpacking The Viral Cursed Blue Couch Meme That’s Suddenly Haunting Your Social Media Feeds

This unique, bubbly, blue couch is going viral online for multiple reasons, so we must unpack all the chaos surrounding this cursed piece of furniture!

I bloody froth over a little bit of internet banter and anything to do with upcycled chic objects, so if you’re like me, then this tale is definitely for you.

It all started when TikToker Amanda Joy (@Yafavv.manda) posted a video where she picked up the couch of her dreams (that looks like chewed-up bubble gum IMO) from a curb in New York City.

@yafavv.mandaa got my dream couch for free🥹 #nyc #nycapartment ♬ vlog, chill out, calm daily life(1370843) – SUNNY HOOD STUDIO

In the video, Joy showed how she and her family restored the derelict couch. From using a wet vacuum to a hand scrub, they did everything they could to clean it before chucking it in her NYC apartment.

Joy also identified the piece of furniture to be a Roche Bobois Paris Bubble couch, which is originally sold for USD$8k ( AUD$12040).

Since Joy posted the video of her upcycled couch, many folks have shared their reactions to her curbside find, most of them expressing their concern for bed bugs, termites and all that icky stuff.

One person wrote under her TikTok: “I would [have] prayed over it, baby. You don’t know why they threw it away.”

Another person simply wrote, “You’re brave.”

In a cooked twist of events, a user on Twitter (@Ds00za) claimed that the couch was a fake Roche Boibois!!! The user pulled up a screenshot of Joy’s video and a photo of the real couch, saying that the fabric “isn’t correct”.

Another person also added attached an advertisement from Aliexpress which featured a couch that looked exactly like Joy’s curbside find.

Ooft, bed bugs for a fake couch? I’d be screaming.

After going extremely viral for her find, Joy posted a couch update where she addressed people’s concerns about cleanliness, bed bugs and all that jazz.

@yafavv.mandaa Replying to @Habibi the long awaited couch update 😙 #nyc #couch ♬ original sound – yafavvmandaa

The TikToker revealed that the couch had only been on the curb for less than 24 hours.

Joy said: “For everyone saying that I only did one round of washing, I only recorded five minutes of the whole process that I took to clean the couch.”

“Everyone that’s not from New York saying, ‘Oh My God, they threw it out for a reason’ It was thrown out of a very rich building, so I took the opportunity and brought it in. Rich people throw out furniture all the time because they get more furniture every other year, ” Joy added.

In all honesty — and I’ll probs get roasted for this, but meh — I think what Joy did was fine. Literally, with the way Cozzie livs is going, I’d probably do the same if I saw my dream couch.

The only thing I would do differently is check, double check and triple-check if the couch was legit. You’re already making a huge risk inviting possible bugs into your home, but you might as well make sure it was the real deal. I’d probably also send it off to get professional cleaning, but then again doing all of that would probably cost more than buying the couch fresh from the brand.

Although we will probably never know if Joy’s curbside couch was a real Roche Bobois, at least we got some cursed AF memes to cackle at.

BRB, browsing the curbs of Balmain and the rest of North-Shore Syd for some sick finds.