If you’ve got a pal who’s missing all the delicious treats from New Zealand, let ’em know that Cadbury has sneakily dropped whole blocks of the sacred Pineapple Lumps in supermarkets around Australia. No this is not a drill.

The blocks honouring the cult-fave NZ treat, Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps, have been spied in stores across the country, causing folks to suddenly be torn between it and the other limited-edition choc, the Caramilk.

The limited-edition choccies feature the classic Aussie Cadbury milk chocolate with a bunch of pineapple-flavoured marshmallows on the inside, adequately satiating the cravings your Kiwi mates have had while away from the motherland. I can 100% bet you that my brother’s going to take some home to his NZ-born fiancée, and if he doesn’t I will personally go over to his house to rouse on him.

In New Zealand, there’s also chat of a mashup of Pineapple Lumps and Perky Nana bars with bags of Perky Nana Lumps appearing in shops, and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that Perky Nana blocks don’t find their way over here because banana-flavoured anything is from the kitchens of hell. Yuck, no thanks. Cast it back into the pits of Dante’s Inferno, thank you.

We grabbed a block from our local IGA for a tight $3.49, so deeply consider popping down to your nearest shop to grab one on the way home this arv.