Hold The Phone, You Can Totally Order Grub From Your Local Fave Spots Through Instagram Now

Your favourite endless-scrolling app has released a new update today to help support small businesses during the national shutdown, allowing you to be able to order food and donate through Instagram without a pesky link-in-bio situation.

Small businesses can now slap an ‘Order Food’ or ‘Donate To’ sticker on their Insta stories, which will take followers to either a Facebook fundraiser site, or a food delivery site like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, or Door Dash, to put in an order for whatever’s making ’em hungry.

This is a bloody gamechanger, mates. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a restaurant or café’s food and then had to spend bloody ages trying to pin down which one of the menu items it is on Uber Eats so I can also have that food. Now it looks like I can just hit a sticker and I’ll get pinged straight to the page I need.

The little stickers look a little something like this, so keep your eyes peeled for your fave local spots chucking them up on their stories soon.

instagram order food

The new update also means that businesses can include a little ‘Order Now’ button on their profile page, where you might normally see the follow/message buttons, so you can hit up your fave spots for a feed without having to search to see if they’re on a delivery app.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been heartbroken to find a very specific restaurant isn’t on Deliveroo or whatever, usually when I’m absolutely stinging for my favourite food from them.

The new update that allows you to make donations (!) and order food (!!) through Instagram rolls out from today, so keep an eye out for this very handy little inclusion, folks.

Maybe just don’t let any little hands near your phone though.