Bourke St Bakery Is Selling Its Sourdough Starter & It’s The Only 23Y.O. You Can Bring Home RN

If you’ve been sharpening your bread-baking skills in iso and you’ve been um-ing and ahh-ing over going in on some sourdough starter, may I suggest you go ahead and invest in some of the oldest bloody stuff that I think I’ve ever seen so far from Bourke St Bakery

The Sydney bread team has begun to batch up and sell its 25-year-old mother culture for its famed loaves so you can try and emulate that crunchy fresh bread at home.

25 years old! Jesus Christ that’s nearly older than me. Imagine maintaining a live culture of sourdough starter from 1997 to now.

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So this is George, Bourke St Bakery’s precious fermenting child. Look at him, what a beauty. He’s been around and kicking since 1997, and you can take home a little tub of him for a tight $8.50 for 150g. You gotta feed him and love him and he’ll make you some fucken great bread (I think that’s what you do, right?)

If you want your own glob of George here, nip on over to the bakery’s website to get ordering. You can only get him online or at your local bakery on Tuesdays and Fridays, so make sure you plan your trips to the bread shop right.

And imagine what that would make your bread taste like, too. A week-old sourdough starter gets a bit of a tang, this shit would just be straight-up funk. Ripe as all hell. I wanna get some and cop a big whiff of it already, I need to know what it smells like.

So with this old-ass mother starter, what kinda loaves could you make? Well, take a squizz at the kinda still that comes out of the ovens at Bourke St Bakery.