Jadé Tunchy Has Apologised For Racially Cooked Comments She Made About Uber Eats Drivers

Jadé Tunchy

Instagram model Jadé Tuncdoruk (AKA: Jadé Tunchy) has made headlines for what feels like the millionth time this week after she was forced to apologise for racially insensitive comments she made about Uber Eats drivers in 2017.

Tunchy has been having an absolute shocker of a week after she copped serious heat on social media for using her huge platform of 485k Instagram followers to leverage a refund from the small business she hired to organise her honeymoon.

After that initial bonfire of cookery, the business at the centre of Tunchy’s refund saga responded with a statement of their own claiming the bikini model was “demanding and threatening”.

As many folks online noted, Tunchy had no grounds to claim mistreatment since the company’s policy clearly stated that you can’t cancel your holiday and get a refund after you’ve paid for it.

But just when you think Jadé Tunchy has completed her week in the news, a new chapter emerges.

The Daily Mail today published a screenshot showing Tunchy posting a scathing review of Uber Eats on their Facebook page via the private Instagram account Celeb_Spellcheck.

In the post, the influencer has a massively overblown dig at the food delivery drivers.

“I order off you guys all the time and I’m starting to find it really annoying that you have so many non-English speaking delivery people who can’t follow basic delivery instructions,” Jadé wrote.

“I got a notification today saying my food was arriving and it took the person a further 20 mins to get to my door because he didn’t read my delivery instructions properly and when I called him to explain he didn’t understand a word I was saying.”

“Your GPS is consistently sending drivers to the wrong address which I’ve explained in my instructions which most people read and have no problem with but when foreigners are delivering it takes twice as long for me to receive my then cold food. Sort it out.”

Big yikes.

Tunchy, who currently has her Instagram account switched to private posted the following apology after Celeb_Spellcheck published the screenshot, issued the following apology.

“I’m sorry to anyone I’ve hurt with my comments. I hold myself accountable for my actions,” Tunchy wrote.

“It doesn’t excuse anything but know that I have grown immensely in the past several years. I always do my best to be someone others can look up to and I know I’ve let people down and for that I’m truly sorry.”