We’ve had to sit here and watch as everyone in the US spends an entire summer getting absolutely wankered on tins of hard seltzer like Polar, Nauti, and the virally famed White Claw, but now the weather’s warming up and it’s our turn to lean into our Basic Bitch tendencies.

Yep that’s right, hard seltzer is arriving in Australia and it’ll probably be all I’ll be sucking back over summer.

The first actual hard seltzer (and not just spiked soda water/mineral water) to enter the grog shops of Australia is Quincy – it might be in a glass bottle instead of the tinnies we’ve spied over in the US but dammit we’ll take what we can get.


A bit of a stretch from the old vodka-soda UDLs I’d neck back after a hard game of footy, the Quincy hard seltzers come in two varieties – lime and passionfruit. They’re low in sugar too so you won’t be suffering for a sugar crash alongside your hangover the next day (the worst, trust me.)

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Sitting at 4% alcohol each, they’re basically the same as your standard beer but are gluten-free, low sugar, and all that other stuff that has you sipping on a vodka lime & soda at the pub to “behave yourself.”

The hard seltzer comes in packs of four for $19.99, and you can find ’em at your local major grog shop.

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