Golden Gaytime Popcorn Now Exists & It’s Left Us Gagging On That Bit Of Shell

golden gaytime popcorn

In huge news for your snack sesh self, the beloved Golden Gaytime is now in popcorn form. It’s like the ideal crossover for those of us who love the taste of a Gaytime but aren’t always super keen on having an ice cream every time the craving strikes.

Yeeting out of the freezer and into the aisle where the popcorn lives (chippie aisle?) like the dom-top it is, the new non-frozen treat includes all the best things about a Gaytime: crunchy vanilla biscuit and sweet toffee. Instead of being wrapped around a creamy frozen sweetie, it’s slathered over little morsels of our favourite complex carb – popped corn.

Coming in 100g bags from Snackbrand (who also do Jumpy’s, a deeply underrated chip) the Golden Gaytime popcorn has entered the treatie arena in two flavours – original and chocolate.

I’m deeply interested in this, and I wish to slam it in my mouth by the handful.

The best part here is that this isn’t a teaser, this isn’t some little taste of a delicious new snack that we now have to wait like six months for. No mate, these little bags of sweet popcorn Gaytime nugs are available right now, so you can 100% duck out to your local shops and buy 20 packets right now if you want.

You’ll be able to find them at your local Coles supermarket, and they’ll set you back a very tidy $4.65 a pop (corn). If you can’t get to the shops right now, the bags of yum are also available on the Coles online shop – which is a bit more obvious when you’re trying to sneak them into the trolley without your parents/partner/logical side of your brain noticing.

Honestly, this is a munchie sesh gamechanger. A true levelling up in cinema snacks that you definitely do not sneak into the movies in your bag.

Givvus the Gaytime treats, I need them in and around my mouth right now.