Everyone SHUT THE HELL UP Because You Can Cop A McFlurry For $2 RN

Aside from the fact that McDonalds haven’t actually flurried their McFlurry in almost a decade (am I counting? You bet your ass I am) despite still giving me the hollow spoons up until recently and me constantly inhaling the best topping (Oreo), I am still ticked by this news.

If, like myself, you were always pretty miffed by the fact that a McFlurry set you back nearly five bucks even though everyone knows it was just a large sundae in a different cup with some toppings, then get fuckin’ stoked because Maccas have dropped the price on those suckers down to TWO DOLLARS.

The big golden arches and its clown overlord announced the dramatic price change this morning on Facebook, and I expect that the drive thru line at the Micky D’s around the corner from my house is probably snaking halfway up Parramatta Rd, filled with carloads of P-platers honouring this sheer blessing with a ceremonial Maccas run.


Regardless, this price change – god damn they slashed it by over half – will be great for my mates who try and get the poor drive thru staff to put as much crushed Oreo in the cup as humanly possible.


What are you even doing still reading this. Go get a bloody ice cream, ya nong.