Domino’s Is Teasing A Vegan Cheese Pizza For 2018 & Just Give Us It Already

There’s almost nothing as satisfying as a delivered pizza when you’re in a desperate pizza-craving funk. A circle of dough topped with sauce, misc shrivelled vegetables and just a fuckton of cheese: it’s perfection.

So why should our vegan brethren have to settle for a cheeseless and as such imperfect food disc?

They shouldn’t. That’s the answer. They should not.

And fortunately for all of Australia‘s plant-based diet observing folks, the good people at Domino’s have heard our cries for a better way, and they have responded.

After asking their customers the slightly loaded question “Do you want vegan cheese?” and receiving an overwhelming response, the pizza chain has posted this slightly cryptic but extremely titillating update:

What an exciting 2018 we have in store – watch this space!

Considering that Domino’s currently offers British brand VBites vegan cheese at its Israel locations (because apparently, a whole 5% of the Israeli population is vegan – impressive), we’re hoping that the Aussie branches will opt for a similarly high quality product to top their vege/margarita/Hawaiian-without-the-ham options.

As any vegan will tell you, not all vegan cheese are made the same, and there’s no need to turn a cheeseless but passable pizza puck into a revolting monstrosity with the addition of a poorly-selected cheese substitute.

We’re cautiously optimistic at this time though. Do us proud, Domino’s. Bring us those vegan treats.