Domino’s Has Gone To The Edge With A New Cheese Toastie Crust & Our Guts Are Growling For It

domino's cheese toastie crust limited release

If there’s one thing we all need at the start of the silly season, it’s something to restore you back to some form of living, semi-functioning human after a night on the hoon. Enter: this new pizza from Domino’s. Specifically, this combination of a pizza and a cheese toastie. A cheese toastie-crusted pizza. Let me repeat: a pizza with a cheese toastie crust.

The new crust from the dough kings is everything that rules about a toastie — that crunchy bit where the cheese has oozed out and fried off. Putting that heavenly cronchy overflow onto a pizza? It’s like a ring of deliciousness that we both need and deserve right now.

Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust is also absolutely filling the toasted cheesy void that Sizzler left in our hearts and guts when it packed up shop this time last year. A whole year without cheese toast, can you believe?

“I’m sure everyone can attest to fond memories of enjoying a cheese toastie, and in fact, it’s something many of us still love, and very much miss, to this day,” Domino’s ANZ Chief Marketing Officer Adam Ballesty said in a release about the yum new crust.

“With Domino’s Cheese Toastie Crust, we wanted to offer everyone the comfort of a cheese toastie but elevate the experience by transforming it into a pizza crust.”

Maybe it’s my mild hangover speaking but cheesus christ that looks so good. I want to devour one right now.

You can turn your chosen classic base pizza into a cheese toastie encrusted disc of yum for an extra $2.50 from right now, but only for a limited time.

So if you’re the kind of person who chucks an extra slice of cheese on the sandwich press alongside your toastie, you’d be pretty foolish to not get around this perfect golden crunch on the edge of your snackies for your next pizza party.