Domino’s Is Putting Out An Actual Garlic Bread Pizza & Fkn Hell My Benes Are Molto’d

My god, they did it. The crazy assholes actually went and bloody did it. After years of dancing around it, circling it like a buzzard high above a fresh corpse, Domino’s has finally done the seemingly impossible by releasing a very special, very limited time only Garlic Bread Pizza.

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Now, I’m gonna stop you right there. Because I need to be very clear that when I say “Garlic Bread Pizza,” I do not mean “Garlic Squares” or “ordinary pizza bread base with garlic added” or anything like that.

What I mean, and I say this very seriously, is that “Garlic Bread Pizza” in this instance means “the crazy lunatics have gone and put actual slices of Garlic Bread on a dang pizza and shoved it in the oven.”

React accordingly.

The brand new creation is the brainchild of Domino’s Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester, Zach Gracie, who scored the plum gig via a highly publicised national search that the company ran last September.

Following the product’s launch this morning, Gracie issued a brief statement on his borderline holy creation, asserting “I spent hours experimenting in the Domino’s development kitchen, dreaming up all sorts of pizza and garlic bread innovations. I remember thinking ‘I know it sounds crazy… but what if I combine garlic bread and pizza?’ So I did, and it was beautiful.”

The very straightforward pizza features the standard tomato base, adorned with thick-cut chunky garlic bread topped with mozzarella, garlic butter, and spring onions.

Honestly? It looks like heaven. Carby, garlicky heaven.

Give, to me. Put in tum. Place into my mouth, please.

Those of you keen to wrap your laughing gear around it will have to be quick. The blessed pizzy is available for one week only from today, January 6th, and will disappear possibly forever after January 12th.

You’ll have to do some digging to get after it too, with it only being available via a mythical secret menu that may or may not be found by clicking this link or whatever.

There’s lunch and dinner and possibly breakfast sorted for the next seven straight days.