The Internet Is Closing Out 2019 By Riling Everyone Up With Controversial Food Opinions

As we hurtle towards not just the end of the year but the end of a decade, there’s no better time to get everyone all bloody razzed up than by sharing our most contentious opinions online.

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Yep, the latest trend on the bad website (Twitter) is to poster up your long-held, I-will-die-on-this-hill perspectives on highly-debatable topics. Is there anything better than getting all riled up about something somewhat controversial that will probably, if anything, just result in a bunch of people in your mentions yelling at you about why you’re wrong? Hell no there is not.

It all began with a simple tweet, asking folks to quote it with their most controversial opinions on food. What ensued was a mass of utterly insane ideas about food – some extremely correct and others flat-out offensive to me and my soul – crawling out of the woodwork like pesky little ants.

The replies ranged from the obvious and tired calls of “pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza” to the eye-opening opinions like “eggs are meat” (???) and irritatingly gave a bunch of idiots to be blatantly racist about ethnic foods. Don’t do that, it just reinforces the idea that we simply cannot have nice things. It did, however, spark a whole wave of people sharing their favourite Indian dishes, because it’s all delicious and perfect, comforting food that I will defend to the end of the world.

Aside from that noise that I refuse to give more attention to (ugh, people, why) please, enjoy some of the fucking wild opinions that real-life human people out there have about food. Just really kick off your day with these treats, get that heart rate pumping and the fury running hot in your system.

Sorry but THAT is just pure chaos and essentially gastro Russian roulette. Jeeesus Christ.

I had a far better burger at a Five Guys recently and I 100% back this about In N Out. It’ll do in a pinch/at 2am after a night on the turps but it’s not life-changing.

Me reading every single one of these.

I wondered if Queen Of Food Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, had a food opinion to weigh in with but it looks like she’s just quietly shaking her head at everyone.

And don’t think that us here at PEDESTRIAN.TV is devoid of terrible food opinions, either. My workmate (who I shall not name) has expressed her disdain at both avocado (a delicious treat) AND bacon. So there you go, none of us is free from sin.

Oh and someone here routinely eats canned chicken for lunches. Yes I am throwing them under the bus here.